VAoNG #1

2012-12-28 20:59:26 by Echnaret

Edit: All submissions must be received by January 26th. Thank you to everyone who has submitted voice clips. As for everyone else, keep them coming!

Hey all, I'm back with another unusual voice acting request. Newgrounds has a ton of voice actors, and I enjoy finding strage ways to use them all.

Depending on how much free time I have, I plan on doing a couple audio-based projects where I will use as many voice actors as I can (within reason). Not counting my Penguin story (see my previous news post), this is my first Voice Actors of New Grounds project (VAoNG #1).

Your task is as follows:

You are trapped inside a box. Using 20 words or less, explain to me why I should let you out of the box.

Why did I trap you in the box in the first place? I forget. Remind me.

Assuming they are witty, clean (keep it PG), and of decent audio quality, I will use any audio submissions that are sent to me within the next two weeks. You can either send me a PM with a link to your submission, or you can email them to me at

Well, what are you waiting for? Get a move on!

Btw, I now have an audio advert for the project. Check it out!


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2013-01-05 12:46:49

do i have 20 words to do the COMPLETE task or just that to tell u why u should let me out?

Echnaret responds:

Ideally, tell me everything within 20 words. If you can't do that, I suppose I can give you 20 more to explain why I trapped you.

My time is precious! If you take too much of it, I may get bored and keep you locked up. ;-)


2013-01-17 09:48:15

Oh, im definitely gunna do this tomorrow, seeing as how i have a day off. Im thinking of something like dr suess..........

Echnaret responds:

Awesome, sounds great!