Woot Moving!

2013-02-01 21:28:55 by Echnaret

Thank you everyone who submitted lines for my Penguin Story and VAoNG #1! I am currently working with SoundChris to create background music for the former. I hope to have both of those projects finished and posted shortly (read: a couple months).

While I would like to get them finished sooner, I am currently moving halfway across the US for my next job. The next couple weeks are going to be pretty packed with that (and my week-long work/vacation trip to NYC in between). So, it's going to be a little bit.

Once again, thank you everyone who helped me out. Stay posted for the results!


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2013-06-21 08:02:38

Musics done :D

Echnaret responds:

:-D Thanks so much! It sounds AWESOME! I can't wait for everyone here to hear it!